7 Common Air Conditioning Issues & How to Troubleshoot It

Summer days are when air conditioning unit are very useful so you can work productively and rest well. It is also the time when you do not want to have problems with your air conditioning unit. This can be achieved if you have proper and good maintenance factor of your air conditioning unit, but what if it disappoints you? Here are some of the common air conditioning problems and how to make it work again.

The 7 Common Air Conditioning Unit Problems & Issues

  1. It will not turn on!

Top of the most common problems homeowners faced with their air conditioning unit is when it does not turned on. This might be cause by lack of electric supply. This can be troubleshoot by checking out if there is a lose or broken wires. It could also mean that the thermostat is having a problem.

  1. The thermostat is glitching.

If you think the thermostat is not working well, this could be the result when it does not calibrated properly so when you turn the air conditioning unit on, nothing still happens. If you had already tried setting the temperature to the lowest or according to its manual and yet the unit won’t work, you can already call the technician’s help.

  1. It does not give cool air.

If you already on the air conditioning unit, yet the place still feel humid, the possible reason for that is the low refrigerant. Normally when this happens, the air conditioning unit needs to be recharged otherwise, there is a leakage. You must know that with low refrigerant or a unit with leakage it could not absorb warm air. You can already call the HVAC for a fix, if after the inspection your unit is found to have multiple leaks, we advise you to buy new air conditioning unit as this is the wisest decision you can only make.

  1. The condenser is warming more.

When trying to troubleshoot or know the defect of the air conditioning unit, you must also look for the condenser coil. This has an essential role in removing heat in the air and releasing it out. If the condenser is full of dirt and other pollutants, it is about time to clean it; otherwise, it will cause added work on the air conditioning unit and may affect its longevity.

  1. Frozen or icy evaporator coil

If you notice that the level of coolness in the place is not improved, even if you already set the setting high, yet you saw there is an icy formation on the evaporator coil, then it means that there is blockage or restrictions of airflow. This could mean that you must replace or clean the air filters. Other causes may also mean that the refrigerant of the air conditioning unit is very low.

  1. Uneven temperature of the place

If you notice that some portion or place in the house is much cooler while some are warmer, then this means that there is improper airflow. This could result by tears or holes on the ductwork. Inspect and seal whatever rodents or insects have bitten and you will be able to experience balance cooling since there will no longer be any leakage on the ductworks.

  1. Air conditioning unit is noisy

Having a noisy cooling system can sometimes bring hassle especially if you wanted to sleep or work well. If your air conditioning is noisy you are unable to concentrate on your work, the main reason could be the fan motors which could be covered or touched with a debris. Try to remove that. If that is not the case, try checking the belt. Loosen bearing of belt could make it noisy when it tries to do its work. Turn it off and inspect or you can also call for a technician’s services.

Knowing these simple troubleshooting for air conditioning unit can greatly help you detect the problem of your unit. It could also means saving money if you can trouble shoot the problem on your own.