Message from the Local Organising Committee

IAC 2012 brings prestige to Italy, Naples and the Campania region in many ways.

It rewards the work and involvement of Italian aerospace.

The Naples region and the surrounding

province have had a long involvement with this industry with a widespread and innovative industrial base, ranging from small companies, through medium-sized high technology enterprises to large, leading world-class organisations. Italy has always been able to deploy its great abilities in this field, achieving great successes.

Representatives of national and regional politics, industry, universities, the world of research, but most of all, the whole Campania region, has come together with ASI to help set up and organise the 63rd International Astronautical Congress. This makes Naples and Campania excel in this important global context.

The thousands of delegates will enjoy the renowned Neapolitan hospitality which has distinguished the city over the centuries.

Naples will show the world that it is a land of excellence – not only for its food and landscape, but also because of its position at the leading edge of high technology.

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