The Pros and Cons for AC chemical overhaul and standard AC servicing

Ac chemical overhaul and standard Aircon servicing singapore are both processes which are done for the same purpose: maintain your AC and restore its efficiency. They may differ in the process and the level of damage that requires the process.  So let us make a small comparison of these two AC maintenance processes.

What is an AC chemical overhaul?

Accoding to Billy Aircon,  AC overhaul is done on more serious damages in your AC. It should be done upon the recommendation of your technicians.  The process will require a very skilled professional because it requires removing the oil and carefully disassemble and putting it back together.  The purpose is to remove the dirt that was accumulated inside and the bacteria that cause the bad smell.

The benefits include a more cost-efficient unit and a longer life expectancy of your AC. The frequency of conducting a chemical wash to your AC is at least once a year

What is a standard AC service?

A standard AC servicing is just like your normal and regular maintenance, which is frequently done.  It only involves checking of parts and replacing it, if the need arise and regular cleaning of the unit.  This does not involve a more skilled technician.

The same benefits are brought in by this process.

Basic things to consider in finding the best AC services in Singapore

As mentioned many times, there are hundreds of companies in Singapore that offers AC services, but, choosing, who is credible is another thing.  Here are the basic things to consider, when choosing the right people or company for your AC servicing needs.

  1. First thing as always asks for referrals from your neighbors and friends.  They may have the same problem before and was able to get a good AC services company.  This will eliminate the task of trying to investigate the capability of a company.
  2. Checked if the company is offering a 24/7 services.  It is a must because breakdowns can happen any time of the day to your homes and businesses.
  3. Check if the company has the necessary licenses to operate.  It is important because if a company was issued a license, they must have a good reputation and adhere to the standards, set by the governing bodies.
  4. Check the necessary certificates of the staff, to ensure that they all have the skills and training, to perform the job.
  5. Check their packages and their corresponding rates, if they fit well with your requirements and budget.

AC system for our homes and businesses are a good and huge investment and proper maintenance is a necessity, to ensure better performance and longevity in service. It will ensure that your units are continuously cost and energy efficient.  However, the decision on the kind of services your unit need will depend on the recommendation of our technicians.  They know better than you when it comes to your AC’s care.  All you have to do is trust them your

  1.  Whether it will be a complete AC chemical overhaul or just a standard AC service, let them come up with a decision.

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