Singapore Cultural Festivals that are held annually

Singapore as vibrant city, comprising three different culture is a very interesting metropolis. Just to think how these 3 different cultures manage to live together in harmony and be the backbone of this very healthy economy.

Because of its mixed composition, Singaporeans learned how to live harmoniously and adopt each other’s culture.  They respected its and everyone’s culture and as a testament to that, the government celebrate all the cultural events of the Singaporean Malay, Chinese Singaporeans, and the Indian Singaporeans.

Singapore Cultural Festivals and Events:

I am writing here some of the yearly celebrated cultural festivals in Singapore.

  1. Pongal – this is celebrated mid- January to mid –February annually by the Tamil community, as a way of thanks giving to the Sun God , Surya for a good harvest.  It is held in Little India.
  2. Thaipusam – This is a 2 day festival, celebrated by Tamil Hindus, every end of January, in thanks giving to Lord Murugan, the God of virtue, youth and power.
  3. Chinese New Year – This festival is celebrated annually to commemorate the new year of the Chinese community.  Often celebrated mid-February and held at river hongbao to celebrate the arrival of spring.
  4. Hari Raya Puasa – This is celebrated, between the month of April to June after Ramadan. This festival is celebrated with respect to the Muslim community in Singapore. This is their way of marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.
  5. Singapore Food Festival – An annual festival showcasing multi-cultural foods in Singapore.
  6. Dragon Boat Festival – Celebrate every 5thday of the 5th lunar month.  It is a to honor a Chinese poet who is believed to have thrown himself into a river out of depression.  While some tried to retrieve he in boats and others throw rice in the river, to keep the fish from eating his body.
  7. Hungry Boat Festival- Celebrated between August to September, the 7thmonth of the lunar calendar.  It is a belief in the Chinese community that the souls of the dead roam around the city every lunar month.  You can observed burning of joss sticks, food and paper money, to please the souls.  If they won’t do that, these souls will bring trouble.
  8. Mid-Autumn Festival – Celebrated mid to end of September.  This is also known as the moon cake or lantern festival.
  9. Deepavali – this festival is celebrated in Singapore annually in honor of the Indian community in Singapore.
  10. Christmas – Christmas is also celebrated in Singapore with respect to the many Christians in the city.  This in celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ, the God and savior of the Christians.


Singapore is a very nice country, rich in cultural heritage.  It will be a great opportunity to learn or experience these beautiful cultures.  This will give all of us the awareness that cultural differences, is not a hindrance to live in harmony with each other.  All we need is respect and love for each other.  That is the only requirement to live a very peaceful life together.

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